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Trent Bridge F115 (AI)

Name Trent Bridge F115 (AI)
Sex Male
Date of birth 27 August, 2010
Grade Fullblood, 100% Wagyu
Colour Black
Horn Horned
Registration Australia TBRFF0115
Owner Trent Bridge Wagyu
Breeder Trent Bridge Wagyu
Recessive tests B3 U, CHS F, CL16 U, F11 F, IARS F
Sire Itoshigenami 'TF148'
Dam Trent Bridge C212
WI grain finishing score +37% (range -50 to +50%)
WI grass finishing score +11% (range -50 to +50%)
C o Inbreeding 2%

Trent Bridge F115 at Aberfoyle in the Northern Tablelands

The pedigree for Trent Bridge F115:

Pedigree for Trent Bridge F115 Wagyu bull accredited for export in Spanish marketed by Wagyu International


Sire of Trent Bridge F115 is Itoshigenami TF148. He is the Foundation sire exported from Japan from the Kumanami line of Tajima. Itoshigenami and Suzutani are both descendants from Shigekanenami. Sire of Itoshigenami, Shigeshigenami, was line bred to Shigekanenami.
An ancestor from Itoshigenami’s maternal side, Dai 7 Itozakura, is the founder of the Itozakura line in Japan that is renowned for passing on a large frame from strong growth rate and he was the first Japanese Black sire whose progeny scored above 1k/day on test.

F115's dam, Trent Bridge Wagyu C212, is sired by Kitateruyasu Doi “003” and Michifuku is her maternal great-grandsire. Both of these males are descendants of Yasumi Doi. Yasumi Doi is considered to be one of the leaders of the highest marbling Tajima line with origins in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Last year, again, his dam's newest son was the best of his year froma different father.

Trent Bridge F115 was weaned from his mother and she is still active in the Trent Bridge Wagyu herd at ten years of age and has seven registered Fullblood progeny from natural mating over eight years plus another five as an embryo donor. Her Grandsire is Itozuru Doi TF151 who contributes growth and milk from his Dai 7 Itozakura ancestry and also the Kedaka line through Nishizuru. Trent Bridge F115 with 75% Tajima content has superior marbling from leading bloodlines which trace back to Japan and Itoshigenami was balanced with Itozakura blood when bred in Japan to enhance the conformation with the Kumanami beef quality.

Trent Bridge F115 is tested free of F11, IARS and CHS and there is no history of known recessive conditions in his pedigree so he can be used with confidence in seed stock herds.

Wagyu International has developed a score for production after reviewing carcass data from grain and pasture finishing. A weighting is given for those traits of economic importance for Grain and Grass scores, and a Maternal and Carcass score. The range for each score, taken against industry average, is from -50% to +50%.

Trent Bridge F115 has 108 registered progeny and his genomic EBV ranking against the industry by Wagyu International is illustrated below:

Chart of genomic EBVs from Fullblood Wagyu sire Trent bridge F115

Trent Bridge F115 is Group D in the Wagyu Fullblood Rotational Program so has a valuable role in Fullblood breeding. Fullblood Wagyu herds will benefit from F115 semen as progeny derived over high growth and high milk dams will be complemented by the powerful marbling IMF% and also the quality through fineness of marbling that he brings.

Trent Bridge F115 semen will also be particularly valuable comercially over conventional base breeds to improve premium eating quality from increased intramuscular fat and improved fineness of marbling and strong loin presence. He will be particularly well suited for F1, F2 and F3 production over medium to large size breeds. He has proven that he is structurally sound as he has covered cows in rugged range conditions.
Wagyu, in general, produce light calves at birth, but Trent Bridge F115 possesses extremely low birth weight EBVs. Trent Bridge F115 semen will present small calves so can be used to open heifers.

Trent Bridge F115 has a Wagyu International grain finishing score of +37% and +35% for Carcass score. This positions him in the Top 15% for Australian lotfeeding and his balanced economic traits combine him in the Top 40% for Grass finishing score.

The Australian Wagyu BreedObject values are tabled:

AWA Selection $Index name $Index value Percentile
Wagyu Breeder Index $208 Top 12%
Self Replacing Index $236 Top 5%
Fullblood Terminal Index $203 Top 4%
F1 Terminal Index $204 Top 2%

The AWA $Indexes Trent Bridge F115 within the Top 5% for the Self Replacing Index and for both of the Terminal Indexes so his prowess for highest quality production is ensured.

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