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Goorambat Wagyu

Dominic & Jo Bayard

Goorambat Wagyu

256 Peck Road


VIC 3725


Telephone: +61.3.5764 1224 or 03 5764 1224 Office

Telephone: +61.427 732 538 or 0427 732 538 Mobile

Facsimile: +61.3.5764 1225 or 03 5764 1225


Homepage: Goorambat Wagyu webpage

Goorambat Wagyu run a herd of “Full-blood” or 100% Wagyu cattle in the Benalla district of northern Victoria.  Wagyu are well renowned for their superior meat quality and high marbled beef, which is often seen in high end restaurants around the world.  The Wagyu breed consists of different strains of the breed and all cow families are represented.  Goorambat Wagyu currently has a herd of about 260 breeding females, a number of selected bulls and a herd of full-blood steers the majority of which are fed in South Australia and exported throughout the world. A silver medal was awarded in the inaugural Australian Wagyu branded beef competition.

Digital imaging from a couple of Goorambat Wagyu steer sections is presented with their details tabled below:

Digital image of fullblood Goorambat Wagyu steer GRSFG0273 with marble score 9noneDigital image of Goorambat Wagyu fullblood steer at 30 months of age after 308 days on feed

none30 noneAge at slaughter (Months) none30
none9 noneAUS-MEAT marble score none9+
none28.2% noneMarbling percentage none37.5%
none98 noneRibeye area (cm²) none104
none406 noneCarcass weight (Kilogram) none477
none308 noneDays on feed none308


Goorambat Wagyu has up to 60 full-blood females being flushed at any one time producing embryos for the export market.  Genetics have been sent all over the world and used as the basis of Wagyu herds.  Embryos are produced to meet customer's requirements depending on which particular Wagyu strains each herd requires. Pedigrees of the herd can be viewed on the Australian Wagyu Association website.

Goorambat Wagyu is run by Dom and Joanne Bayard.  Both cattle breeders since teenagers, the foray into Wagyu came in the 1990’s for Dom with involvement in the early days of Wagyu breeding in Australia with large Wagyu breeding companies in Queensland.  The Goorambat herd was formed in 2004 with the purchase of 23 females from NSW and has steadily grown since then.

Dominic and Jo are also involved with embryo transfer, splitting, sexing and export through Global Reproduction Solutions (GRS Embryos Pty Ltd).


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