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Pedigree of SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 owned by Springwood Lodge for accredited export of semen


nonePhotograph of Wagyu bull Springwood Yojimbo Mr Shou from Springwood Lodge


Breeding of this strong Black Wagyu bull, that was born in the UK, is traced back to Japan. Tajima blood is predominant with both Fukutsuru and Yasufuku Jr as grand-sires of sire LMR Yojimbo from USA. The dam is sired by Sanjirou - who is almost entirely Tajima. Sanjirou is sired by Michifuku out of 100% Tajima Suzutani. Takazakura, dam grand-sire, is also Tajima and goes back to Yasufuku.

High marbling from the Tajima bloodlines will be expected in progeny from this outstanding bull. Low birth weight will be particularly valuable for crossing with other breeds. Fukutsuru and Yasufuku Jr, on the sire side, are trait leaders for birth weight EBVs. Fukutsuru is also EBV trait leader for Rump Fat thickness. The genomic EBVS are from DNA and EMA is in the Top 10% while Marble Score and Marble Fineness EBVs are in the Top 30%.

Semen from SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 has already been exported to Ireland, Germany and Switzerland and is accredited throughout the EU. His parents are free from known genetic recessive conditions, including the new IARS.

Purchases are made though UK Sires Services.

Sirloin steaks from SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 out of an Angus dam show excellent marbling:

nonePhoto of marbled sirloin steaks sired by SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou out of an Angus cow


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