Ohanasaki Harriet

Identifier OHAFL80348
Sex Female
Tattoo L80348
Birth date 12 June 2015
Calving date 2015
Registration status Registered Australia
Sire Irish Kobe Fuji (ET)
Dam Ohanasaki Breda
Breeder Oliver O'Hanlon
Owner Oliver O'Hanlon
Grade Fullblood
Colour Black
Wagyu Content 100%
DNA # B594518 Verified to parents
Genetic Test Status B3 F, CHS F, CL16 F, F11 F
Gene Tests B3 Free, CHS Free, CL16 Free, F11 Free
Prefectural Group D
Prefectural bloodlines 55% Tajima, 13% Kedaka, 3% Tottori, 18% Itozakura, 2% Shimane, 4% Okayama, 2% Hiroshima and 2% Other
Consolidation 55% Tajima, 16% Kedaka and 25% Fujiyoshi

Ohanasaki Harriet has been tested free from known recessive genetic conditions by AGL at University of Queensland but the results are not displayed on the Australian Wagyu Association website yet.

Ohanasaki Breda Black Wagyu donor from Wagyu Ireland owned by Oliver O'Hanlon

Ohanasaki Harriet is daughter of Ohanasaki Breda who was a foundation Wagyu calf born in Ireland when imported embryos were implanted into local recipient cows. Her sire is TF Fukutsuru 004 with donor Lake Wagyu Y047. Wagyu Ireland is a member of the Australian Wagyu Association and the herd is registered after DNA parent verification so are traced back to Japan.

Ohanasaki Harriet is classified as Group D within the Fullblood Rotational Breeding Programme which was designed by Mr Shogo Takeda for sustainable breeding of Wagyu fullblood herds. He is also borderline with group C because of maternal traits from strong Kedaka and Fujiyoshi bloodlines. The general descriptor for Group D is “Medium Size, Better Marbling and Average Maternal Sire”. Comprising majority Tajima genetics on 55% and with strong marbling EBVs, Harriet is classified Group D. Fujiyoshi lines combine to 25% and Kedaka another 16%.

Irish Kobe Fuji, the sire, combines carcass traits from Michifuku, Kedaka genetics from Hirashigetayasu and Itozakura from TF Itomichi 1/2.
Fukutsuru 068, through his dam, brings both Yasumi Doi and Kikumu Doi families from Tajima. He is trait leader for milk but he is also for birth weight and gestation length.

Estimated Breeding Values are available from Australian Breedplan.

EBVs for Black Wagyu Ohanasaki Haririet owned by Wagyu Ireland

Harriet does not have any data that has been submitted to Breedplan but estimated breeding values (EBVs) have been predicted from known ancestors in her pedigree that have been evaluated by data from their progeny. Without data from progeny, the accuracies of these estimates are in the lower range but these predictions give a useful insight into her breeding value.

The EBVs have been ranked in Percentiles for each trait and presented in the table in the row titled Top. The Milk EBV of +5 has an accuracy of 33% and this score is in the Top 11% of the Wagyu herd. In other words, this EBV is in the Top 11%, so he is predicted to pass on higher milk to his daughters in more than 89% of the herd.

The Kedaka and Fujiyoshi bloodlines have contributed to give positive growth EBVs so Harriet will also contribute to some growth of her progeny. The Fullblood Terminal Index is in the Top 42% and Marble Score (IMF%) and Marble Fineness EBVs are strong so she will contribute to producing quality carcasses from the F1 cross. The Carcase Weight EBV is also within the Top 30%. This is attributed to the higher rate of finishing that comes from Fukutsuru so will be beneficial during F1 finishing with a quicker time to reach finishing standards.

Embryos can be custom ordered from Ohanasaki Harriet with Yojimbo Mr Shou 05. Pregnant recip Black Hereford heifers can be shipped within the EU certified in calf at two months to Breda from Yojimbo Mr Shou 05. The predicted EBVs for the embryos and recips from this joining are tabled below:

Predicted EBVs for embryo from joining SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 over Ohanasaki Harriet

Prefectural bloodlines for Embryos from Harriet and Mr Shou 05
GROUP Taji Keda Tott Itoz Shim Okay Hiro Othe
D 67% 8% 2% 9% 1% 4% 3% 5%