Wagyu around the World - Paraguay

In 1999, Wagyu semen and embryos were imported from Brazil. The same surrogate cows were Map of Paraguayinseminated with Brahman and Brangus A&E SA company logogenetics. The first Wagyu offspring were born in Paraguay in January 2000.

A&E S.A. took over the project in 2003 and started to produce F1. Eijiro Hayashi is President. The cattle are raised in a natural and healthy atmosphere, surrounded by abundant water and pastures in an environment free of contamination. Carcasses are aged in the abattoir at Asunción and provide the authentic Wagyu flavour.

Eijiro Hayashi has been an engineer in Paraguay for more than 40 years. He has his own property Cabaña H. His wife, Alicia, serves double medallion hamburgers for 65,000 Gs and healthy Wagyu steaks cost 265,000 Gs.

Oscar Céspede has owned Prime Paraguay SL/Wagyu Paraguay for six years and is a Wagyu cross steer in feedlot in Paraguaymember of Australia Wagyu Alliance Uruguay. He provides Wagyu semen from Australia and Uruguay, together with Brahman, Brangus and some sheep genetics.

Paraguay intends to climb to fifth highest beef exporter by 2018 from eighth position in 2013. Russia is the largest market and exports to Chile have resumed again after Paraguay was declared to be free from foot-and-mouth disease. Output will be boosted as 120,000 small scale farmers are to be introduced to modern technology through a national production programme.

The value of exports has recently risen to $1.3 billion as consumption is limited to only 20% of total production. Latest gains have been to Russia which is taking 37% of exports.

An encyclopaedia is being prepared on breeds of cattle, chicken, pig, aquaculture, beekeeping, rabbits, etc. in Paraguay by Mariano Llano.

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