Wagyu around the World - Hungary

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Mihály Zichy started breeding Wagyu in 2009 after importing 50 Australian Wagyu embryos to the farm "Zichy Wagyu" in Ófalu, South Hungary. The first Map of Hungary showing Wagyu breedersprogeny were registered with the Australian Wagyu Association.Wagyu bull weaner at Zichy Wagyu in Hungary

Mihály has bred 20 pure Wagyu cows and uses 30 Angus and Hungarian Grey cows as recipients. Zichy Farms have produced over 200 first grade embryos and are focusing on breeding and selling Wagyu heifers.

He described his entry into beef production "The first 14 steers were purchased by CBA, a Hungarian chain store. The steers were Wagyu cow head in silhouette in barn at Zichy Wagyu in Hungaryslaughtered between the ages of 24 and 38 months, one each month. The last steer to be slaughtered was 1,020 kg live weight, warm carcass weight was 661 kg." The ribeye retailed for €50/kg and fillet for €100/kg.

Austrian,  Alexander Stephan, has started breeding Wagyu in Hungary using genetics from Canada. He is on "Stephan Farm" in Lenti.

Hungarian, Zsolt Magyar, bought 15 pure embryos from Zichy Wagyu. The first calves born in 2013 are the start of his Wagyu herd.



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