Wagyu around the World - Costa Rica

Roberto Sibaja is a pioneer Wagyu breeder in Costa Rica and Central America on Wagyu del Pacifico in the Map of Coasta Ricacanton of Bagaces at Guanecaste. The beef is marketed under the Hacienda Urraca brand.Hacienda Urraca

There is a broad genetic base as there are sons and daughters from the original imports from Japan. Bloodlines are derived from Big Al, Ashwood Park Virile and Kotswkari.

Cattle are raised stress free in a dry and comfortable environment and they have access to move at will between both sun and shade in the feedlot. Fresh water is provided automatically. Feeding is for 300 days without any additives.

An expatriate, Loray Greiner, at La Garita, 30 km south west of San José, is breeding Brangus under the challenging tropical conditions. He is crossing them with Wagyu to improve the meat quality and experimenting with forages.

Red Wagyu bull in Costa Rica


Bef from Costa Rica

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Wagyu del Pacifico website